Book: Irish Traditional Music Volume 1. (2 CD’s)



Traditional Music of Ireland by Aine Kerr

 “An accurate and Faithful Notation for Performance”

The Book, Irish Traditional Music, Volume 1, (+ 2 CD’s) – Includes over 50 tunes:  Dance tunes, Slow airs, O’Carolan in 3 parts.

Each tune is carefully hand written out, on all four staves: Treble; Bass; Alto C and Tenor C.

Every tune is written in both classical notation and letter notation.

Each available on a full A4 size page for easy reading.

Chordal accompaniment is included with each tune.

  • Every tune is recorded exactly as written with guitar accompaniment in stereo.
    This gives the listener three choices:
    Listen to the tune alone and play along.
    Listen to the guitar alone and play along.
    Listen to both together and play along.

Each tune is recorded at a student friendly pace, without ornamentation and on one single instrument.

This makes it much easier for the student to play along with the recording.

Popular slow airs and their accompaniment are also available.

Also Turlough O ’Carolan melodies, arranged by Aine Kerr, are available in three parts in the Baroque style.

All three parts are both written and recorded separately and together.
Each individual harmony line is also accompanied.
Chords are included.
This will make group learning and performing much easier, and therefore more enjoyable in the class room, for both the students and the teacher.

Included in the introduction to Áine’s book, ‘Irish Traditional Music’ is a twenty page detailed analysis offering a breakdown and parallel comparison between the classical and traditional approach to music performance. Technique, Style and ornamentation are discussed with accurate audio and written examples to support the analysis.

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