Tenor C Stave Reading: Starting as a complete beginner, learn how to read a piece of music. This Lecture is recorded.

This course will teach the student how to read music effortlessly, from the Tenor C Stave, starting as a complete beginner.   By this is meant that the reader will be able to call out the notes, reading left to right, with fluency after actively working with the recording. The student then can take his reading skill into any area of music, whither it be performance or composition. There are over 250 Irish traditional tunes on this website available to practice with.

Also, The Book, Irish Traditional Music, Volume 1, (+ 2 CD’s) – Includes over 50 tunes:  dance tunes, slow airs and O’Carolan melodies arranged by the author in 3 parts. All three parts are recorded on CD separately and together.

Each tune is carefully hand written out, one tune per A4 size page for clarity and easy reading. Every tune is written in both classical notation and letter notation.

Chordal accompaniment is included with each tune. The CD’s include each tune, exactly as presented in the book, in stereo and with guitar accompaniment.

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