Classes & Instruments

“Classes & Instruments”

Áine Kerr’s Music offers students of all ages an oportunity to understand, learn to read and to perform music. From the shop, over 50 different courses will gradually be made available which will teach the student how to understand, read and play, many different instruments; study the Theory of Music up to third level, including Leaving Cert Works, Harmony, 16 Bar melody and Irish Music; have access to many different Irish traditional tunes, recorded in stereo at a student friendly pace and performed and accompanied by Áine Kerr.

There is also a first level music scheme on offer from 2nd class up to and including 6th class, (eight to twelve year old children) where both the reading and performing of music are of primary importance.


I have found that Áine has very natural and friendly style of teaching music to her students and is able to adapt her methods according to the student’s abilities.
She has a passion and dedication to music that is clearly revealed in her ability to play a wide range of instruments.
I believe Áine can inspire in students a love of music and can teach them the skills needed to master an instrument.

Highly Recommend Áine Kerr

-John Harrison

Áine has a excellent understanding of both classical and traditional music as well as theory and harmony. She has greatly improved my overall understanding of music. All aspects of music are thoroughly covered and each lesson is tailored towards the individual student. Her enthusiasm and love of music is passed on to students and I would highly recommend her lessons to anyone who wants to develop a deep understanding of music.

-Áine Allen

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