About the Áine Kerr Music School

“Learn Love & Live Music with Áine Kerr”

The Áine Kerr Music School was built with a combination of love and unique understanding for Traditional Irish and Classical Music.

Áine Kerr’s love for music spans back as far as her childhood days growing up in an Irish home environment rich in culture and the classics. Over decades Áine Kerr has developed a deep understanding of both classical and traditional music, placing them on an equal par and on the global map as such. Áine sees both styles as having a specific roll in the studying of music and sees one without the other as only a partial education.

Áine has shared her unique teaching methods with music lovers all over the world, from complete beginners right through to third level music students.

Everyone likes music but we all have different ways of expressing this, be it as an appreciative listener or as a performer at some level. Music has a great way of making us feel alive, bringing joy into our lives. In fact, music is a necessary part of living.

Áine Kerr’s Music offers students of all ages an oportunity to understand, learn to read and to perform music. From the shop, over 50 different courses will gradually be made available which will teach the student how to understand, read and play, many different instruments; study the Theory of Music up to third level, including Leaving Cert Works, Harmony, 16 Bar melody and Irish Music; have access to many different Irish traditional tunes, recorded in stereo at a student friendly pace and performed and accompanied by Áine Kerr.

There is also a first level music scheme on offer from 2nd class up to and including 6th class, (eight to twelve year old children) where both the reading and performing of music are of primary importance.

Áine Kerr Music School provides students with professional private music lessons to individuals and groups of all ages and abilities.

Áines musical teaching skill spans across an array of Traditional Irish and Classical Musical instruments such as Piano, Accordion, Guitar, Violin, Cello, Flute and Fiddle to name just a few..

Learn Online from anywhere in the world at Home with One to One Tuition, Sign up to Group Lessons or Join Áine Kerr for a Traditional Irish Music Session.

Introduce toddlers to Music with the Áine Kerr Rhythm & Play Group then develop their love  and understanding for music from primary school level, through to second and third level.

Specialising in Adult Music Lessons and Traditional Irish Music Workshops the Áine Kerr Music School offers music lovers all over the world a “Musical Hub” to learn, share and develop their skills, understanding and love for music.



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