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About the Áine Kerr Music School

Áine Kerr’s love for music spans back as far as her childhood days growing up in an Irish home environment rich in culture and the classics. Over decades Áine Kerr has developed a deep understanding of both classical and traditional music, placing them on an equal par and on the global map as such. Áine sees both styles as having a specific roll in the studying of music and sees one without the other as only a partial education.

Áine has shared her unique teaching methods with music lovers all over the world, from complete beginners right through to third level music students.
Everyone likes music but we all have different ways of expressing this, be it as an appreciative listener or as a performer at some level.

Online Courses

LIMITED OFFER €49 for All 8 Week Online Courses

All courses are created for Adults & Children from Beginners to Advanced Levels.
Covering over 25 Musical Instruments in Script & Audio all in a user friendly pace. 
Learn to Read Music from any Stave with the Aine Kerr Method “Bridging the Gap between Learning to Play Music and Learning to Read Music.

Traditional Irish Music Workshops

Experience Ireland like never before with a Traditional Irish Music Workshop in the heart of the Boyne Valley in the Royal County of Meath.

Join the renowned talented musician and teacher Áine Kerr for a Traditional Irish Music Workshop where you will experience and learn about the traditions of Irish Music and how to play Traditional Irish Musical Instruments.

Private Music Lessons

Áine Kerr Music School provides students with professional private music lessons to individuals and groups of all ages and abilities.

Weddings, Events



Áine Kerr with fellow musicians, can offer a background of either classical modern or traditional music, or a full blown Irish traditional music session including Irish ballads with singing of a high standard and group accompanyment.


Áine Kerr has recorded 29 different lectures on the theory of music, up to Leaving Cert level, which will be made available on this site.

Áine Kerr will also be offering Lectures on various music topics such as:

Key Signatures and Modes.
Transposing Instruments.
The Reading of Music from any Stave.
Intervals, Triads and Chords.
Classical versus Traditional.
Time Signatures / Grouping of notes.
Sight Reading, First Viewing of a Piece of Music.



The musical knowledge and ability which Áine possesses is phenomenal.
I am grateful for all the time she has given to guide me through from Elementary to Grade VIII in both my Theory, Harmony and Piano exams.
I am privileged to have such a fantastic music teacher.

- Billy


Never having played music before I joined Áines music class approximately seven years ago. I am sixty years of age now, and sorry to say I suppose you could regard me as a mature student. Having always been interested in music I never really thought I would actually achieve playing an instrument, let alone reading music. I now find myself playing quite a few tunes which I am very proud of, and put a lot of this down to Áines teaching. A gifted musician herself, she is the teacher we all wish we had in our early schooling. Always generous with passing on her gift to others, and always patient and encouraging. In my view worth her weight in gold.

- Eugene Heffron

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